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    While in IAS and before I had realized lack of quality english medium school at Himatnagar, A district head quarter of Sabarkanth District in north Gujarat bordering on Rajasthan. Himatnagar is a semi urban place but in terms of education it is more rural. During my schooling days I had struggled to learn English as a Language and it took me a long time to learn the same and the process is on. I have experienced that though our children are bright and eager to learn the lack of knowledge of English holds them back in their career goals. English has gained importance as a global language and most of science and technological research and development has strengthened need to learn English as a language as well as medium of communication at the school and higher education levels.

    In my endeavor to provide quality school in English medium in this area I started the same in 2006 by forming Siddharth Foundation – A public Charitable trust for the purpose. We shifted our school to the present campus which is our own in the year 2009 since then we have tried to provide best of amenities possible that includes playground with various sports facilities like football, cricket, basketball, volleyball. Lawn Tennis, Athletics activities etc. The School building has spacious classrooms, Library, Computer Room, Science Lab and so on. We Believe in activities/projects based learning by students. Our Experience shows that children learn better from nature as well as by activities/projects relevant to life. Getting quality teachers and training them remains a challenge and we are trying our best to meet the same.

    I would also like to advise parents to let your children grow as they like, let them play games and pursue the game of their choice, let them choose subjects/fields as they would like and let them pursue their interest/hobbies. Please do not compare your children, insist only on good grades and trust our school for quality education. Please avoid shifting schools as well as sending children to tutions as it may not help your child.

    Arun Sutaria, Director

    From the desk of the Principal

    Hello Everyone!
    Greetings from Siddharth Public School.
    Haim Ginott very rightly said –
    “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.”

    We, at SpS strive to make each day for our children joyful and memorable. Our motto – “The Joy of Learning” is visible in the campus. Our children love coming to school as they enjoy the activity-based experiential learning. Teaching pedagogy adopted by our trained teachers help students to develop
    skills like critical thinking, logical analysis, team building, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, caring and sharing.

    We categorically believe that the pragmatic formula for success is simple –
    Attention + Intention + Manifestation = SUCCESS.
    It’s not only the marks that matter; for us if a child is able to prove himself from among other peers, it would be our greatest achievement. We teach a child to stay connected to nature – during rainy season, we let them get drenched and enjoy rainfall. Physical strength will apparently lead the child to mental strength thereby making him active and agile most of the time.

    One of the most important aspects is teachers’ training program. Every year teachers are trained to enhance the pedagogical skills required for teaching-learning process including assessment, evaluation, child psychology to name a few.

    We plan to create the future citizens who are not lost or confused, but crystal-clear in their understanding and ready to face competition and diversities of life with brave heart and eventually emerge as an asset to the society and to the world at large.

    Thank you!

    Mrs. Annapoorni Balan, Principal

    Our School

    At SPS we believe in creating an education system that uses activity based learning methodologies, debates and discussions that help in increasing student’s awareness and critical thinking. Our curriculum goes beyond textbooks to include learning through inquiry, observation and environment. Our teachers are trained to use creative and innovative methods of teaching. We strongly believe and promote inclusive education and secular values.

    Our Vision

    The Joy of Learning

    The School for the holistic development of the child.

    Our Mission & Strategy

    To create a school where learning is a process of discovery, interaction and experimentation. To help students gain knowledge that makes them lifelong learners equipped with an education that empowers and enables them to reach their potential and become responsible citizens.