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    Our Curriculum

    Siddharth Public School is affiliated with Gujarat State Secondary Education Board (GSEB) and we follow NCERT Syllabus as prescribed by GSEB. We also design our curriculum based on local culture, resources and experience. We believe that children learn the best from the environment and nature. We strive to make learning relevant to life. We try to counsel parents that learning is more important than grades for the children. We also counsel parents that tutions outside the school are best avoided as the same is likely to confuse their child more than helping him/her.

    We supplement textbook learning by various activities/projects relevant to learning various subjects. We are into continuous and comprehensive evaluation methods as it helps focus on children’s  curricular and co-curricular achievements.


    Career Counselling

    At SPS we believe that normally students are not clear about their future goals. we try our best to counsel students and parents about what career may be appropriate for the students.
    we also find that parents are predetermined about the career for their children without talking to them or ascertaining from them their likes and dislikes.
    This may add to the confusion and frustration for the child. as career options are immense and they keep changing as technology advances,
    we try our best to counsel parents to talk to their children and guide them with an open mind.

    Assessment of the students is based on academic and non-academic performance, observation and interaction. This helps in discovering hidden talent
    in the child which may help him/her in future career options.