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  • Facilities


    Spacious, well ventilated and age appropriate furniture in the class provides a conducive environment for learning. We have a separate, well equipped playground adjacent to the class for pre-primary section which can be easily accessed during lunch-breaks and various activities.


    We have a well-maintained, spacious library consisting of more than 2500+ books including fiction, non-fiction, short stories, biographies, autobiographies, reference books for competitive exams and career guidance. Magazines of National/International standards are subscribed. Students not only gain extra knowledge but also develop a reading habit which is helpful in developing vocabulary and strengthening cognition.


    We have spacious and well-equipped laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology to help students have a hands-on learning experience. Latest equipment is provided in our labs for students to experiment, observe and validate fundamental principles and concepts.

    Study Tours

    At SPS we believe that our students need to be introduced to practical aspects of learning that will supplement classroom instruction. Every year we take our students on a visit to agricultural fields, where they acquire first hand knowledge of various operations. We also conduct nature camps in collaboration with the Forest Department of the Govt. of Gujarat, with the objective of facilitating  situational learning outside classrooms, and to cultivate the spirit of observation and inquiry. Our school campus has more than 500 trees of different varieties planted and nurtured by our students.

    Festivals and Events

    India is a land of diverse cultures. At our school, we promote a pluralistic approach by celebrating important festivals of all faiths. This helps students cultivate empathy, inclusivity and unity. We also celebrate important national and international days like children’s day, environment day, youth day, women’s day etc.


    Physical activities, sports and games are an important part of our curriculum. Our campus has playground for football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, tennis, kho-kho, kabaddi, karate, skating, athletics etc.
    We have physical education teachers to coach and train our students in the sport of their choice. Our students participate in the Khel Mahakumbh event organized by Govt. of Gujarat, and some of our students have competed at the state level.


    Our school buses and vans cover a 15 KM radius around the school on their daily route. Our transportation manager can be reached for more information on services required for specific locations.